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Case Study

Digital Advertising

Driving a 91% Month-on-Month Revenue Surge Through Strategic Digital Transformation.

Compassion Australia approached us with a goal to revitalise their digital marketing efforts and drive substantial revenue growth. Over a 6-month period, we implemented a series of strategic initiatives aimed at optimising Google and Meta Ads campaigns, ultimately achieving a remarkable 91% month-on-month increase in revenue.

Challenges Faced:

Cross-Site Policy Restrictions Causing Inaccurate Conversion Tracking:

  • Limited accuracy in conversion tracking due to cross-site policy restrictions, hindering precise measurement of campaign impact.

  • Unoptimised Ad Account Structure Causing Poor Quality Traffic:

  • An inefficient ad account structure contributing to poor quality traffic and lower return on investment.

Low Budgets and Unfocused Goals Causing High Lost Impression Share & Low Click Share:

  • Budget constraints and undefined goals leading to a high lost impression share and low click share, limiting the campaign's reach and effectiveness.

Strategic Solutions Implemented:

Tracking via Google Tag Manager:

  • Overcame cross-site policy restrictions by implementing custom tracking via Google Tag Manager, ensuring accurate conversion tracking.

Ad Account Restructuring for Quality Traffic:

  • We restructured the Google Ads campaigns to have split focused, one in particular was acquisition focused in which we only had high lifetime search terms excluding brand. This allowed us to train the pixel and conversion strategy on the right bidding amounts independently of other campaigns and keywords.

Budget Optimisation and Goal Refinement:

  • Collaborated closely with the client to reassess budgets based on refined goals, preventing wastage, and maximising the impact of the budget.
  • Prevented wastage and maximised the impact of the budget.
  • Acquired additional budget for core key search terms, resulting in significant returns.

Regular Monitoring and Adjustment:

  • Implemented a systematic approach to monitoring campaign performance, allowing for timely adjustments to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Education and Collaboration with the Client:

  • Fostered open communication with the client to ensure clear understanding and communication of key decisions made during the campaign.

Key Achievements:

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Implementation:

  • Successfully integrated Google Ads Conversion Tracking, providing granular data for informed decision-making aligned with company KPIs.

Exceptional Revenue Growth:

Achieved an outstanding 91% month-on-month increase in revenue

Future Outlook and Commitment:

  • Sustainable Revenue Growth:

Continued reliance on Google Ads Conversion Tracking for data-driven decision-making, positioning the campaign for sustained success.

“Broad Reform have been our marketing partner over the last three years. Their work is exceptional, and they have provided incredible support to our fundraising efforts across a range of services. It is remarkable to find a partner with such capabilities, we know that we can rely on their team to deliver to brief and more. Additionally, with their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends and digital opportunities, we value their recommendations as an ally to our efforts.”

Ashley Vos​​​​

Digital Marketing and Platform Lead, Compassion Australia