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Case Study

Zion Learning Management System

Bridging Indigenous Education with Innovative Technology.

Client Overview:

Zion Engagement and Planning, an Indigenous education organisation in Australia, embarked on a transformative journey to modernise its teaching methods while preserving cultural integrity. The goal was to create a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) that honoured Australian First Nation’s circular learning methodologies and seamlessly integrated with HubSpot CRM for improved user engagement and streamlined data management.



Stage 1: Research and Selection of LMS


Zion sought an LMS that could accommodate circular learning paths, aligning with Indigenous teaching methods.


  • Conducted extensive research on LMS options, prioritising cultural relevance.
  • Selected an LMS that supported bespoke learning flows and circular structures, ensuring compatibility with Zion’s unique teaching approach. 

Stage 2: Integration with CRM


Zion needed a seamless connection between the LMS and HubSpot CRM for efficient data transfer and management.


  • Mediated between the technology platforms to align their structures with Zion's needs.
  • Configured API connections, ensuring synchronised data transfer.
  • Set up automations for real-time data updates between the LMS and HubSpot CRM.

Stage 3: Design and Development of Cultural Learning Modules


Creating a curriculum that respected Australian First Nations teaching methods and prioritized cultural relevance.


  • Designed bespoke learning courses with non-linear, circular structures.
  • Incorporated multimedia elements and storytelling techniques for a dynamic cultural learning experience.

Stage 4: Onboarding and Payment Pathways


Developing user-friendly onboarding processes and secure payment pathways.


  • Designed intuitive onboarding processes within the LMS, respecting cultural sensitivity.
  • Implemented secure and user-friendly payment pathways for course enrollment.

Stage 5: Setup and Rollout of Pilot Trial


Ensuring the effectiveness and user satisfaction of the newly integrated system.


  • Conducted a pilot trial with a small group of users to identify potential issues.
  • Gathered feedback and made necessary adjustments to optimise the system.

Stage 6: Final Tweaks, Go Live, and Ongoing Troubleshooting


Launching the complete system and providing continuous troubleshooting and support.


Executed final tweaks based on feedback from the pilot trial.
Went live with the complete system and provided continuous monitoring and support for ongoing optimization.



Zion successfully transformed its education delivery, harmonizing traditional teaching methods with modern technology. The bespoke LMS, seamlessly integrated with HubSpot CRM, marked a significant step toward preserving cultural learning methodologies in a contemporary educational landscape.


Broad Reform’s collaboration empowered Zion to bridge traditional teachings with innovative technology, setting a benchmark for Indigenous education initiatives. The bespoke LMS not only met but exceeded expectations, reinforcing Zion's commitment to preserving cultural learning methodologies.


Broad Reform's tailored solutions, from LMS selection to seamless integration and curriculum design, showcase a successful marriage of technology and cultural sensitivity. This case study exemplifies the positive impact of innovative educational solutions on preserving and advancing Indigenous teaching methods.

"The team at BROAD REFORM go above and beyond to translate your needs in the tech space. Easy to work with, flexible and a great team of professionals - we would highly recommend them for your next project"

Krysta Briffa

General Manager, Zion Engagement & Planning